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Haywire Coffee Blend

Our OG blend is our #1 selling coffee that ticks all the boxes for a perfect coffee at home or at your local cafe.

The crowd favourite.

Our OG blend is our #1 selling coffee that ticks all the boxes for a perfect coffee at home or at your local cafe.


With notes of rich creamy milk chocolate, nougat, and hazelnut... Coffees are sourced from Central and South America and roasted in our roastery in Newcastle.


We wouldn't be here roasting coffee for you if it wasn't for our little cafe on Darby street, Haywire where it all began.


This is where we kicked off our story and were supported by our family, friends, suppliers, and community.

Milk Recipe

Dose 22g
Yield 42-46g
Time 28-35 seconds Ratio: 1:2

Black Recipe

Dose 22g
Yield 53-57g
Time 28-35 seconds Ratio 1:2.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Leeann Pike
Online order

Fantastic, was great turn around time from ordering to receiving thank you

Vanessa Singleton
Big Fan

My hubby and I had this blend at a cafe in Newy when we visited last, and thoroughly enjoyed it. We bought a bag from the cafe and took it home with us and now we are a Glitch coffee only family. Blend is as described, smooth with soft hazelnut notes. We buy whole beans and use it in our Breville Barista Express Impress and it’s easy to find the right grind size for the 1:2 recommended yield ratio in a 32-34 second extraction time.
Subscribed - end date? Never.

Cassandra Green
Love the hazelnut notes

This blend is really delicious in my long blacks as it’s very smooth(lighter blend). I usually have a long black first thing in the morning and a cappuccino using my family’s favourite (broaster blend) around lunch time but some days I crave a latte with hazelnut notes and this blend hits just right. Sweeten the latte with a small dash of hazelnut syrup and you have yourself a deluxe coffee.

Delicious - actually tastes like the description

had this coffee for a few days in a row at a cafe in the hunter valley and thoroughly enjoyed it. Ended up buying a bag from the cafe to take home with me and have been ordering direct from Glitch ever since. Coffee tastes so great every time (I drink a double shot espresso). Free delivery, Aussie business, consistently good coffee and little goodies in every order - you’d be silly not to try it! P.s I get the Haywire blend 🤤

Sue Gunton

Amazing coffee and amazing service

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