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Becoming a wholesale partner is easy. While supplying only the best coffee, the same philosophy carries over to the equipment we provide and recommend. Reliability and quality-built equipment are crucial in representing both of our brands proudly. The technology available today makes coffee a simple formula. Automatic tamping and instant dosing grinders minimise inconsistency and human error while keeping it simple.

Above all, we are passionate about sharing knowledge and helping cafe owners and wholesale partners succeed.

If you’re interested in brewing our coffee in your store or have any questions on what we can offer, please fill out our contact form.

Training & Education

Looking to train budding baristas or hone your team's existing coffee-making skills? Glitch Coffee Roasters offer fully-immersive coffee training, covering the science behind the bean and the art to the practice.

Our trained baristas come to your place of work to teach your team on your machinery, or we offer one-on-one training by our experts in our state-of-the-art coffee facilities. Become a modern-day artist with latte art training, whether it be a creamy heart, fern or even a swan flourishing your cups. 

Proper coffee training makes all the difference to a team. When it comes to coffee, we believe first appearances do matter: your coffee should look as good as it tastes, and be consistently delicious, day after day. Enquire today about how Glitch can help you up your coffee game and improve your customer loyalty and feedback.

Machine service & repair

We love being different and that extends to machinery. 

Rebuilding, repairing and customising is what we do. If you have a vision for the look and feel of your cafe or space, we can make it a reality. 
We also offer machine servicing. We live by the motto, "take care of your equipment and it will take care of you."

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